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Tired Mommy

It is 1:30p on a Wednesday and I have been doing mental gymnastics since I got up today. I just want to feel better. It’s just been one of those days (or weeks) where I’m feeling worn out, irritable, and cranky. I have less energy, patience, and ability to focus and really be present with… Continue reading Tired Mommy

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Why I Think Self-Care is Bull$h!t

Yup, I said it and here’s why. As I was recently hunkered down to write a piece I titled,  ‘7 Ways to Feel Better Without Lifting a Finger’ I realized that I have been in a bit of a funk myself for the past couple of days. The irony is that I have not done… Continue reading Why I Think Self-Care is Bull$h!t

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Don’t Let This Winter Get You Down – part 2 – Hydrate!

Last week I wrote about how movement, exercise, and enjoyable activities can help fend off the winter blahs and how you can integrate this stuff into your already busy life. If you didn’t catch that one feel free to read up HERE. This week we are talking about the easiest, most accessible, yet totally underutilized… Continue reading Don’t Let This Winter Get You Down – part 2 – Hydrate!

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Don’t Let this Winter Get You Down – part I – Exercise

The fact that exercise is good for the mind and body isn’t news to anyone who doesn’t live under a rock, but despite what we know, we still struggle on a daily basis to fit in enough exercise and movement. Read on to learn how to get unstuck.

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My 5 Favorite Postpartum Exercises

These 5 exercises are perfect for the exhausted, achy, and healing mama during that oh-so-special postpartum period (btw ANY time after you have had a baby counts as postpartum). They are gentle, and can be done anytime, anywhere.  1. GLUTE BRIDGE  Why?–>This exercise is simple, it can be done anywhere, and it feels amazing on… Continue reading My 5 Favorite Postpartum Exercises

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I took a vacation from my job as a parent.  Of course it wasn’t a break from all the thoughts and feelings that come with having a toddler, but a legit 3 day vaca from the day-to-day tasks that come with being a parent.  You know things like feeding (aka picking, wiping, sweeping and swiffering… Continue reading

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10 Simple Ways to Squeeze in Self-Care When It Feels Impossible

By Kim Tsitsirigos, LICSW, Pre & Postnatal Personal Trainer The days feel long but it seems like none of the hours or minutes are for you. The needs of your newborn, infant, or toddler are ever changing, unpredictable, and all-consuming. You have been operating in survival mode for a while now. Sleeping when you can,… Continue reading 10 Simple Ways to Squeeze in Self-Care When It Feels Impossible